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13 Best Dog Breeds For Seniors

There are many suitable dog breeds for seniors but it is important to pick the one that is right for you. Perhaps, you are looking for a furry companion, but fear that your older age may make dog ownership a bit unrealistic. Though it may seem challenging to keep up with the energy and needs

British Labrador – 15 Facts Every Owner Should Know

The British Labrador is intelligent, good looking and better yet comes with a charming personality, making them perfect as family pets or hunting buddies. Everyone can spot a Labrador Retriever. These sweet, medium sized dogs were bred for hunting purposes and enjoy the great outdoors. At the same time, they love spending time and playing

15 Powerful Reactive Dog Training Tips That Work

Reactive dog training helps to calm dogs that overreact to their environment by barking or lunging at other animals, people, cycles, cars, etc. Your dog is the sweetest, most loveable thing you know until another dog passes by on your morning walk! Reactive dog behavior is when a generally well-behaved animal has intense reactions to

Types of Emotional Support Dogs – 11 Remarkable Breeds

Various types of emotional support dogs have one common universal trait: the ability to comfort people who are emotionally or mentally troubled. An emotional support dog should not be confused with a service dog, a canine companion trained to assist people with physical, mental, or emotional disabilities. A service dog performs specific tasks such as