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Aju Jacob

Aju Jacob is an avid animal lover who enjoys sharing tips and ideas on how to take good care of pets and provide them with a happy home. His other interests include Christian teachings, digital marketing, corporate communications, and current affairs.


Rottsky – 14 key facts to consider before bringing home one

The Rottsky is a relatively new breed of designer dog, intentionally bred by crossing a Rottweiler with a Siberian-Husky. Though the large and muscular Rottweiler and the sled pulling Siberian-Husky are different in their physical features and personality, the Rottsky with qualities of both parents has turned out to be a good-looking dog with a fascinating character.

The 10 best cat breeds for families

The 10 best cat breeds for families

With so many cat breeds out there, picking the right pet cat for your family can be challenging. Are you struggling to decide if an exotic Balinese Javanese or a cute Ragdoll cat is right for your family? We know that it is a tough decision and that’s why we have come up with this list of cat breeds that are perfect for families.